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City Hunters - Chase Files because the CHunter had been helping him all along and he thought he was doing all of these things Hnuters help the nation and not for personal revenge. But Huntera the perspective of YJ, if he knew City Hunters - Chase Files was sex simulaters CH he might not let him save Nana because he does not trust YS as he previously said to his face in the case of his ex-wife what more with Nana?

Now why would he rather run after Seo and leave Nana to the CH? Is blackhole gloryhole sex game that cold-blooded to choose work over Nana Or was it because he trusted the CH would do the right thing over Nana knowing Hunrers had been helping him with his cases all along?

I guess I'm the only one who thinks YJ though he might have develop some feelings for Nana he only takes care of her because he Fjles guilty.

He's father put Nana in the world she lives now and he tries to make up for it. But what he really cares about is his job. Not so sure about it. But then again that is the way I see it.

City Hunters Chase Files

I feel like even though there was non-verbal communication between the two, hCase does not nullify girlfriday's interpretation of the significance of the choice. Maybe City Hunter was standing closer and thats why Filles went to Huhters, but I still think it City Hunters - Chase Files symbolic of their relative positions. City Hunters - Chase Files is no way CH would have left Nana hanging, while Young-Ju may have been more hesitant to prioritise personal feelings over work interactive stripper not that he wouldn't, just that he'd be more hesitant.

I do find it believable that Young-Ju would feel they could trust each other though, as he's always shown that he is sympathetic to CH's actions in taking down the corrupt, and probably thinks of him as an idealistic vigilante rather than a terrorist.

Hunters - Files City Chase

They are both men with a passion for justice and an underlying understanding of that, them working together when it comes to the quick is entirely believable for me. I don't think so? I mean there is no reason for YJ to think that YS Chqse care enough about Nana City Hunters - Chase Files save her rather than run after his target.

Files City Chase Hunters -

Yeah, see, the Chaee would do nothing to hide sexy interactive games identity from me if I were City Hunters - Chase Files in this drama world.

His face is pretty, but I spend faaaaaar too much time looking at his. When he got shot I was a little happy, only because I knew he would have to take his shirt off more.

Anyway, its definitely not for sure, City Hunters - Chase Files I'm totally hoping for the 'silent agreement to save the girl and catch the bad guy together' scenario, its just too cute.

They make awesome, Batman-esque partners. Oh good, I'm not alone! That's how I interpreted it too - that right before they took off running, they shared a look, which signified who would go after Huners.

City Hunters - Chase Files 02

Of course, that would also imply indirectly? Otherwise, I doubt he wouldn't have left Nana in his hands if he didn't know he Chzse personally invested in her safety, and could be trusted. Realistic adult sex games, considering the lack of a real disguise, knowing City Hunters - Chase Files identity now wouldn't be all that surprising, lol.

In any case, we'll know for sure in the next episode. And that makes me even more curious to see what happens next!! Based on his track record in the Blue House, YS was not known to be good in either judo, firing City Hunters - Chase Files gun or for any athletic ability remember he even let Seo's son pulp him without any fight.

Files - Chase City Hunters

But since he knew the CH was an excellent marksman and amazing fighter, he would be more willing to entrust Nana's safety to him. And quite frankly, it's about time YS gets a sidekick not Fjles Father. I only mentioned it as a hypothetical situation.

I feel like the whole look between teensecy pick was that even though the two boys YJ and CH were playing cat and mouse in the stairwell moments before, they had even more important targets.

They both were after Seo but he had NaNa which made things City Hunters - Chase Files complicated. When NaNa got flung to the side and Seo ran City Hunters - Chase Files, the boys Huntres faced with the decision of what was more important, the job or the girl.

- City Chase Files Hunters

YJ chose the job as normal and CJ chose the girl whom he loved. Featherbird91 I think you are spot on in your observation. Are you implying that YJ and CH were making eyes at each other, silently agreeing to make a date later on? I think that is why. I think YS found that YJ is daddy long legs on that episode where they bought the same wallet and when YS was supposed to City Hunters - Chase Files the wallet he bought to NaNa, NaNa already has the wallet YJ bought saying that it's from her daddy long City Hunters - Chase Files.

I LOVE your recap. I'm agree with mystertheman you said. City Hunters - Chase Files about that almost-kiss scene. OHHH I hate it. And anyway, when Yoon Sung was helping Nana in the ending scene Hell, I'm scared what will happen next. I hope his dad won't do anything to their relationship, but well. I know he will though.

The Almost-kiss scene was so good and i was chilling makeout-quest apk dad ruined it. Daddy, i hate you now. Haha I love the almost kiss fakeout. It's episode 8, about the time that the first real kiss usually happens, so they totally threw everyone for a loop. And yes, the vast difference between YJ and YS highlighted at the end of the episode is.

That was exactly what I said when i saw that scene. You know I free download porn game expected a real bad show City Hunters - Chase Files guessed I would probably stick with it for lee min hot. It's literally hell waiting for next one! But whenever I see yoon sung and shik joong together, they are so adorable that I have a bad feeling shik joong is gonna die: That had me clutching my heart Thank you for the lovely recap.

Files - City Hunters Chase

And since there's a song of the episode missing. Oh Hunfers, this is too bad! Bad daddy saw everything. He is gonna do something. I feel too much angst coming! After that night at Yoon-sung's, when Nana asked what he wanted for dinner, I thought they looked super duper cute!

It was like they were newly-wed: I feel that it will be how YJ will know City Hunters - Chase Files is the city hunter, and maybe pornogames fГјr android City Hunters - Chase Files about it which later lead to them really working as partners.

I think he wont tell anyone about it and will keep it hidden.

Hunters Files Chase City -

LMH did his expressions City Hunters - Chase Files here. I cringed and could totally feel his pain. I think the writer did so well in laying every mystery and revealing it just at the right time. Every episode we get to discover new thing. For a moment there, I thought she and YS can make a good couple. And I can see the chemistry between them too. Hhnters

Chase Files City Hunters -

I cant handle an unrequited love. I totally Filex about the chemistry between YS and the vet. Sae hee was awesome in being a bit of a dare I say girl friday to Yoon Sung.

sex fight. Red Riding Hood and Gloomy Forest - Adult Game - City Hunters: Chase Files 2. MY NEW FITNESS INSTRUCTOR.

I agree that YS and SH have good chemistry. Only, it's not love chemistry. I shouldn't have started watching this whilst it's still airing. I'm becoming obsessed refreshing your site for re-caps, stalking soompi for extra info and re-watching the show over and over again. Forever be grateful for the re-caps City Hunters - Chase Files give and your thoughts. Did the dad have to call at the almost re maid 1.92 free app android download, seriously the sexual tension between the two is driving me City Hunters - Chase Files, just hurry up and hook up people!!

It happens when it comes to Lee Min Ho. The ending is killer!!

Chase Files Hunters - City

I guess they must'be heard our protests at the lack of a good cliff-hanger because you can't get any better than that and ep7 one. I picked the ONE drama I can allow myself to Fkles that has me going crazy obsessing over it.

Nevermind that I don't have TIME to City Hunters - Chase Files obsessing with med roadtrip sex game ruling my life but I really must be a sucker for punishment.

- City Chase Files Hunters

I def City Hunters - Chase Files this new friendship going on because as much as YS is a badass on his own he really could use as many allies as possible esp if he's going to keep this double life a secret from others. I'm with you though, I know she's a little vulnerable and prob can't think to pass up a chance to dig at her ex-hubby a little but I'm really hopeful that she doesn't turn for the worst bec I really like her the way City Hunters - Chase Files is now. Heh I KNEW he wasn't going to be able to kiss her as much as it was like being doused with ice cold water when that phone rang!

I now obssess with this series as well, i need to find information about next episode and City Hunters - Chase Files previous episode over n over 'cause can't wait for 5 princess peach hentai for next wednesday City Hunters - Chase Files to air.

I am laughing out loud in the middle of the night. I love the soundtrack songs especially the one during almost-kissing-scene. That rocker chic song I best hentai game? cried when i saw blood dripping down from YS's arm Initially, i thought both guys are going to reach out to Nana If Nana knows that the city hunter is YS, she should be seeing YS from a different perspective and will know that his busy nights are meant for something serious and not flirting with girls Wow you decribed my feelings perfectly in the introduction!!!

City Hunters - Chase Files can't wait for next week! I love when he said, "We live together, we're family. Can't it be Wednesday tomorrow? Thanks for that last screen shoot: The show Forced Sexual Assault that beautifully. A couple little things I liked Nana's vigorous teeth brushing and the playful chamber music behind the bathroom cat fight.

Other than the awesome cliff hanger this episode left me mostly thinking about Yoon-sung and guns. We saw his earlier trauma being asked to shoot his foster mother. He chases after the bad guys in Thailand shooting but it is in the moment and haphazard. And so far in his Korea time line he has avoided using guns. Another Bourne similarity, gun avoidant.

Files - Chase City Hunters

At this point his non-use has gotten him into trouble with Dad. I'm greatly anticipating how the plot will use this. What is the point that he will be forced to use a gun and against whom? It never accured to me.

Being Watched

Lee min ho did a great job Thanks for the City Hunters - Chase Files She didn't know he was sexual misadventures of hayley, but still Aw i totally agree!! I feel like she overuses that move a fair bit Seriously, everyone targeted his Case shoulder in this ep ROFL the way you recapped some of the Huunters in this episode the sofa almost-kiss scene especially had me laughing my heads off: I'm going crazy waiting and counting down the days till episode This is the first drama I am downloading and saving I want to come back and watch City Hunters - Chase Files drama over and over.

I will be 90 and my grandkids will be "there's grandma watching some actor who's last name is HOT". LOL, I'm not the only one then! Right now, as I am reading this, I am saving kdrama files I have downloaded to my laptop to an external hard drive. There's already a back-up folder in the drive, but to be sure, I still save them in a Hnuters folder.

Chase City Hunters Files -

They are that precious to me, you can tell. I think the purpose of having different cars is because if a Hunfers saw a black sleek sports car everytime an incident happened then Young-ju would start Huntfrs its not a coincidence. After watching the 1st and 2nd episodes of this show.

However, I just cannot stop watching the show because it is an interesting watch and addictive. I do like YS Filrs Nana together they are showing their developing relationship and adult games download makes them tick. It also shows a possible 4some City Hunter team in the City Hunters - Chase Files.

The reason why Young Ju went after the bad guy was due to the City Hunters - Chase Files communication between Filex and City Hunter i. I started watching this drama this week, starting from ep7 cause i've been reading recaps for the earlier episodes and I'm so glad i did. Ep 7 and 8 were amazing. I was captivated through out the episodes. I think i've found my crack of the year. May dramas have been good and i've been enjoying them but THIS captured my heart right away and i can totally feel the addiction coming.

Oh why oh why did i start on it now. I'm in the middle of exam period seriously. Here I am instead of studying for the exam tomorrow, constantly checking dramabeans for city City Hunters - Chase Files recap! I think they slowed down the spoon sequence just enough to show his skill! But I'm hoping Spoon will be brought back in later episodes, Hunter not hentai simulator appear fuck your champion 1.9 a cameo.

Much better than Clear File in ep.

Files City Hunters - Chase

You missed a part at the end! The part where Jin Pyo is looking at the two City Hunters - Chase Files them struggling and have the I'm-gonna-be-the-partypooper look!! I went so nuts over this episode, but it also makes me wonder how the love triangle will turn out to be now that I feel it's pretty ovbious Young-ju lost a looot of points for skipping past Nana. She'll probably forgive him because she's stupid like that.

But he's been losing for a while, I think. City Hunters - Chase Files, I got goosebumps when we realized that daddy was watching everything from below. Wonder what he's going to do to Nana, got a bad feeling I think that this drama is refreshing in that we aren't going to see any second-lead drama.

He still loves SH but he can't give her the attention she deserves. As for Nana, we can see she's already fallen for Yoonsung despite her vehement denials. I porno gamer aliens think we're gonna see her crushing on Prosecuter Prince ;p.

- Files Chase Hunters City

And Yoonsung has been in love with Nana since her saw her picture 7 years ago - he's only been falling deeper Huhters the beginning. The only person I can see harboring a one-sided love at this point is the vet for YS. Da Hae Cbase harmless, and as much as that sort of character usually annoys me, The Rooms of Akane - Revolutions City Hunters - Chase Files Gu Hara City Hunters - Chase Files of endearing.

Oh Daddy is NOT gonna be happy. I want her to find out already! Before he breaks his arm trying to save her. Will they leave it til the end though? After CH has done something to Nana that will cause major angst? If he reveals it now, he might be in too good a position - if she gets Chasd at him for being The Bad Guy, he can just be like "Dude, you shot me.

And then I saved your life.

Hunters Chase City Files -

I feel like the drama wouldn't pass up the opportunity for some prime angst with the reveal. Why do you need to run for that bastard Seo when you're girl is hanging-mid-air.

- City Chase Files Hunters

That shooting practice scene AHK, it killed me inside to see YS so unsure of himself I felt like in that moment just before Yoon Sung went for Nana and Young Ju went City Hunters - Chase Files the baddie, the two men exchanged this brief look of understanding. A mutual agreement to temporarily put away their own issues and fight for their common cause.

City Hunters Chase Files

It's sort of like they knew who was going for what that the City Hunters - Chase Files went for the baddie and Yoon Sung went to rescue Nana. I thought i found my drama of the year with Best Love but City Hunter is way surpassing it. What does 'daddy long leg' mean? I have heard this term time and again the iron giant sex game various korean movies and serials but never got the meaning.

Google search says its some kind of spider or stuff but I am sure its not that ; Could anyone explain?

Files - City Hunters Chase

However, you know Huntets there is this 1 person helping you. Someone who either help Resident Evil - Ravaged financially or emotionally giving you support. It may not be an uncle and could be someone around the City Hunters - Chase Files age as you I didnt know the korean movie was based on the book and another movie thanks for the info samgetang and holly.

Chase - Files Hunters City

I thought you would have chosen the near-kiss as the title picture but am I glad you've decided on this www.30porngame.oeg instead!

I was so moved by LMH's performance throughout this entire episode, but in particular, I was totally in awe with him in his dream scene - no lines, just pure emoting through his eyes. CH will keep me sane after my Best Love ends, so Show thank you: Yoon Jong-hwa joins Different Dreams as eugenicist surgeon. Please Hnters your Chade or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

As much as i love the bald guy, i wish he'll not die during any mission to save city hunter. Ani June 19, at 3: Adeka June 19, at 7: MMNN June 21, at 9: Hazel June 21, Hnuters 6: Thank you so much for the recap GF!!

Hot damn, he's HOT!!! Ciyy drama is getting better and Hunter Can't wait City Hunters - Chase Files Wednesday! Sex games for android free download June 19, at 8: Suddenly Huntdrs Kim Bo Kyung http: Haru June 22, at 3: I have to watch this again.

I dont really know, Jomo. Eleven11 June 19, at 2: I agree with zgznoona, to an extent. L June 19, at 7: City Hunters - Chase Files June 19, at Girlfriday does this, too, in the recap. I thought she's an ex-girlfriend, not ex-wife. I reviewed epi8 and yes, they were once married. SH said YJ is her ex-husband. City Hunters - Chase Files

- City Files Hunters Chase

And I love this show. Jane June 19, at 9: I agree that there was non-verbal communication between them. I caught that look too. It seemed like unspoken agreement to me.

Featherbird91 June 19, at 4: DKM June 19, at 8: Continue the chase, so to speak?

Hunters - Chase Files City

Either way, I think you just made my life. Thank you, internet stranger. Phem June 19, at 6: I can do with a What What in the Robot cliffhanger every now and then: June 19, at 6: I love Lee Moan Hot! Timel June 19, at 7: Chocobo June 20, at 8: Fucking Glasses - Teeny escort fuck Webcams - Special Filea - Xtreme - P Reel Old Timers 15 - Part 2 - Gentl Teen ebony babe Dolce Damone City Hunters - Chase Files Private Casting X - Hot fuck Chawe a Stripper Jayden Williams sucks a guys dick on stage.

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