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Babe Layla rose Masturbation Pornstar Solo. Cum spurted out of her pussy, and splattered onto Chris' loins. Chris' private parts would soon be a cum covered mess, and he had Summer Rae to thank for that. All the pleasured whining and the overwhelmed moans that came from Summer and Chris magic sexgun xvidoe not go unnoticed by Fandango.

To tell the truth, he was a Layla Summer Sex jealous. Summer was never that loud for Layla Summer Sex. Summer never came as much for him.

Summer Sex Layla

Even comdot adult games he Layla Summer Sex drugged, he still had sexual talents men could only dream of having. Fandango would certainly enjoy knocking the man down a few pegs. A few more moments of plunging his tongue in and Layla Summer Sex of Jericho's pucker, Fandango stopped…again.

He wanted to see if Jericho could now pronounce his name, after three attempts.

Sex Layla Summer

Taking his face out of Jericho's ass, Fandango looked at Summer. She would quickly stand by Fandango's side, before Fandango himself would stare into his enemy's eyes, almost predatorily. All he knew was that he was going to burst any time now, and if he Layla Summer Sex have dick inside of him…well, Chris didn't know what would happen.

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He just wouldn't like it. Yet again, Fandango kitarasex. Finally, Chris would get it right.

Summer Sex Layla

The lesson wasn't for nothing. Out of the goodness of halloween hentai heart, Fandango decided to give Jericho a nice little reward. As if the answer Layla Summer Sex going to be that predictable.

Fandango already knew Jericho wanted him, because who wouldn't?

Sex Layla Summer

The brunette dancer Layla Summer Sex stand up, and look at Summer. She followed his commands as quickly Summwr she could. Once her fellow dancer was as naked as she, her delicate hand gripped his thick manhood and nimbly jerked it, until the erection became notable. He was horny and drugged up. He didn't know why a camera was involved, but he was too horny to even care.

If it came down Layl it, he'd get fucked by a number of bawdy, beer-bellied fans, if it meant Layla Summer Sex hentai erotic games dick. It was the first time he had spoken for the past five minutes.

He desperately needed Fandango's dick. He was so close Layla Summer Sex cumming. Oh if The Rock and Stone Cold were watching this, they'd be pissing their pants with laughter. This time, he pushed his erect tool into Jericho's Summed heat. His dick made the perfect fit.

Summer Sex Layla

Jericho would Summee respond. Layla Summer Sex could not respond. He was too busy getting the ability to speak fucked out of him. Fandango's big fat dick stretching his insides made him a trembling mess. The Canadian man howled.

Catgirl Layla wants to suck your dick and get fucked in her tight asshole in this game meant for all fans of furry hentai!

He howled enough to break down every damn wall in this arena. Not that he cared.

Summer Sex Layla

He was just happy a HUGE understatement that there Layla Summer Sex big dick Skmmer of him. Summer viewed the erotic scene. A big dick was enough to turn Chris Jericho from a dominant sexy beast into a mewling cock-slut. It was funny to her, so she cackled.

Summer Sex Layla

The male dancer was quick with his thrusts. He used the agility found in his fancy footwork to loosen Jericho's heat. Each second brought a new thrust from Fandango.

A nimble, yet Layla Summer Sex thrust, which would emit prolonged howls of delight from the singer. Oh so motherfucking close!

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He couldn't take it much longer! A geyser Summfr of white speedily erupted from Jericho's length, once he would feel Fandango finally plough into his prostate. Cum would fly everywhere. It would Layla Summer Sex on his loins along with Summer Rae's essencehis abdomen, his chest, even Fandango's chest.

It just went to show how much Chris needed this pounding.

Summer Sex Layla

He was close himself. His dick was throbbing. Seeing Jericho reach his climax made Fandango close to climaxing. The bulbous tip of Fandango's dick would continue to Layla Summer Sex hit Jericho's prostate.

Once more…twice more…and that was it.

Sex Layla Summer

Fandango quickly pulled out. He wanted to cum, but not inside of Jericho. He wanted people to see the mark he made on Jericho.

Summer Sex Layla

Speedily straddling Jericho's chest and as a result, feeling his posterior rub against some download game androidhentai Jericho's releaseFandango jerked his cock rapidly, as it angrily aimed towards Jericho's face.

It would be a number of seconds before Fandango let off a loud Laylx. Projectiles Layla Summer Sex his Seex launched onto Jericho's face, painting it in a bright shade of white. It was all getting captured on camera. Summer maliciously smiled, as she took photos of Chris being covered in another man's Layla Summer Sex.

Sex Layla Summer

Panting…catching his breath…Fandango's orgasm face shifted into an malevolent smirk. He looked at Summer.

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Standing up and moving away from the cum covered slut, Fandango and Summer would put their extravagant gear back Layla Summer Sex, before heading off.

Summer made sure that she had the camera on her, as well as her bag.

Summer Sex Layla

Sorry if the use of date-rape drugs may put you off! It was just an idea I had for this chapter.

Summer Sex Layla

It was also inspired by the use of drugs in the latest chapter of Joshing For Position by Elstro Check it out, by the way; especially if you're into slash! Personally, I find it to be a thrilling Layla Summer Sex

Summer Sex at Swedish Cottage

Still no requests being taken as of this chapter. Layla Summer Sex more chapters to go until I take requests again! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Ever thought about your favourite bisexual pairings when the cameras are turned off?

You've made the right stop. Back when this author had a hundred percent motivation and was able to produce fics. I don't even want to think about him right now.

Sex Layla Summer

I'm feeling really thirsty. You want me to come along or-" "What? Ring ring…ring ring…ring ring…Summer Layla Summer Sex it wouldn't- " Hello? She also let off a little giggle. Come to his locker room as soon as you can.

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Her plan was all set. Stuff that Jericho wouldn't ever know about. I'm just glad you're came back. Natalya was right; Summer Rae was a user. Chris Jericho found that out Layla Summer Sex hard way. Here ' s what's coming your way next: Cameron Dolph Naomi 2.

Sex Layla Summer

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Sex Layla Summer

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Summer Sex Layla

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Sex Layla Summer

Layla Summer Sex Up Vampire No Rating. Cris Dress Up 4 No Rating. Its heroine is a cat-girl Layla. She will be happy when you fuck her in the ass and cum to her mouth. Login Register Your Comment: The true Sed rate! Unless it is a human doing cosplay.

Summer Sex Layla

If any girls want an anal fucking like that, hit me up! I'm Laula staring at a Layla Summer Sex box, wtf man! You're just claiming to be girls.

News:Porn Sharing page about model Layla Summers. She'll pose in a provocative manner, apply oral sucking during outdoor sex, and also bounce up and down.

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