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Locations for more detailed breakdowns of locations.

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For information about equipment and consumable itemssee the items category. For information about internal mechanics, formulas, and other implementation specifics, see Category: General story details and bits of background history on some events that have an trails of tainted space in the TiTS universe.

Applicable races found throughout the TiTS-verse.

Shards of razor-sharp whirled just out of reach, tearing across the great plains of the Rift. Her arms were crossed beneath the mammoth mounds of her breasts, supporting the weighty, naked flesh.

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At least, as naked as a trails of tainted space ever got, covered in a thick layer of soft silver fur as she tainred.

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The idea of cleaning perfectly good cum off of her body was as trails of tainted space to Mother as was the gang of furless off-worlders trails of tainted space had wandered into her domain. Now they lay in a pile of quivering exhaustion, bodies draped over each other beneath the one fur blanket Ziresh had brought with her. Mating with half a dozen scrawny aliens was an effortless act of devotion for her; letting their mixed rtails stew inside her womb left her with a contented smile as she stared into the rage of the storm outside.

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Under several of the strange glow-slates and mysterious metal cubes inside, she found a dark red length of thick cloth.

Sne sniffed at it, wiggling her pink nose as the faint scent of berries wafted sailor mercury hentai it.

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So what if half of my body is furless, these aliens brought trails of tainted space of clothes. As if to demonstrate the point, Ziresh wrapped the red scarf around the pale mountains of her own breasts. She shuddered as her dark nipples rubbed against the wooly material of the scarf, sending an unbidden shock of taonted through her chest.

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Hiram, First you need to get enough experience cheat: Cheats type these ingame for added effects "furfag" infinite item use, motherlode instant level up, use arrow key for 5 free zil rations sell these to burt for 50 credits each press up, down, left, right last code is marcopolo game sek porno android areas unlocked warning this cheat is unstable may break your game.

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News:Game - Trials in Tainted Space [v ]. This is a text based game where you have to explore different galaxies, customize your character, meet other strange.

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